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Having spent far too much of my life on diets including Weight Watchers and Slimming world, I felt like I was on an endless cycle of weight loss and larger gains. I decided that I wanted to try something different.

Finding myself significantly overweight and my health being impacted I consulted my doctor and I decided to give slimming world a go again. I found myself getting really fed up and battling with guilt every time I went off plan. I got nowhere.

Feeling despondent I decided that I needed to try something different. I was recommended Matt and what a discovery! Not only have I had success on the scales he has changed my perception of food and exercise.

Even within a group his approach is tailored for every individual, focussing not just on nutrition but body and mind. I now understand my triggers and habits to change them.

I've never felt stronger, fitter and more positive. Small weekly goals make it feel long term and achievable rather than a quick short term fix. I can't recommend Matt's weight loss group enough, his support has been invaluable.

C Reast Re The Weight Loss Clinic

I've been training with Matt now for around 3 years. Throughout my time, not only have I become fitter, confident and more health conscience.

Matt has always been reliable and punctual and makes every session challenging as well as fun.I have always found Matt to be honest and caring. He genuinely has great passion for his work and this shows in the sessions he offers and the advice and support that he gives.

Matt has always been encouraging, pushing me to where I need to be as well as remaining practical and caring.

I recently joined Matt's beginners running group and I can honestly say, It's the best decision I ever made. Not once, did I ever feel conscience or embarrassed by lack of ability or not keeping up with the rest of the group. Instead I was encouraged, nurtured (sometimes literally pushed) into making it to the next corner, street, mile and I can now proudly say that with Matts help, I have gone from running to the end of the road to running 7 miles. On days that I just felt like I couldn't, Matt ran with me , giving me hints and tips and I can now say that I ran a sub ten mile, a statement that I never thought I would ever make !

With Matts, help encouragement and support , I am to complete my next goal , A half marathon.

I'm proud to be able to talk about fitness with other people, I'm proud I can keep up with my children on the playing field and I'm proud that I'm more confident with my fitness levels and goals... I actually enjoying exercising (most of the time)..... Thank you Matt.

L Blake

A Great service with great end results.

Matt is 100% commited to personalising a meal plan that suits your needs. He is always available for advice and support. I would highly recommend Matt and his nutritional services.

M Petherwick

"Matt kindly offered to help The Children's Society develop a fitness challenge fundraising product and has been an extreme pleasure to work with. He has many ideas on how to get people active and in particular how to train without expensive equipment. We wanted to create challenges which were simple, yet catered for different levels of ability in order to appeal to a wider audience. Matt's been great in filming his demonstration videos, which will massively help our campaign. I'd deffinitely work with Matt again, particularly if we were looking to make the challenges more complex."

S Qua, Product Development Manager, The Childrens Society

"I started Matt's programme after a long hiatus from exercise, in 6 weeks I have gone from being unable to run a mile to training for my first half marathon. I feel fitter, healthier, and more confident in my own abilities. As well as developing my fitness, Matt's 6 week program has also developed my understanding of nutrition with on hand support for meal planning. I was guided to make easy adaptations what I could easily fit into my lifestyle."

"I started Matt's programme after a long hiatus from exercise, in 6 weeks I have gone from being unable to run a mile to training for my first half marathon. I feel fitter, healthier and more confident in my own abilities. As well as developing my fitness, Matt's 6 week programme has also developed my understanding of nutrition; with on hand support for meal planning, I was guided to make easy adaptions what I could easily fit into my lifestyle.

My personal training sessions were developed to help me reach goals which I set at the start of the programme and progress was tracked to ensure I was meeting my expectations. This meant that at the end of the 6 weeks I was confident I would be happy with my results.

Matt clearly has a great understanding of his job so I was fully confident in his ability to push me but at all times staying within my safe limits. He also has the ability to make working out enjoyable incorporating challenges and incentives.

Overall the programme has enabled me to develop new habits and routines, which I know will ensure I keep on maintaining and improving my fitness and has given me more energy and confidence.

Thank you Matt"

Becky Dodson

Thank you Matt for helping 1st Broughton Astley Cubs to gain their fitness challenge badge. They really enjoyed the varied and fun session you planned and did with them! we really appreciated your time to help them.

Thanks again


"Thank you Matt once again for helping me with the aches and pains in my calves with the brilliant massage, with every session the better they feel. If anyone needs a sports massage, Matt Hart is your man."

Ashley Wiltshire

"A great massage and a nice deep pressure. I can't stand and a light massage and will definitely recommend you"

Katy Grainger

"I was not overly convinced with the idea of having a pt as i've always hated the gym, but with his flexible style. Matt really tailors each session for me."

"It's only been 4 weeks but I feel I have so much more energy and more to the point I look forward to every weeks challenge."

Matt is fun to be around and encouraging and genuinely cares for his clients which really works for me"

Emma Jane-Smith

"I can't thank you enough for all the time and energy you have shown me. You have done wonders for my confidence and i wont forget that"

C Graham

"After only a few weeks of training with Matt I am already showing positive signs of progress; increased fitness and weight loss without really having to diet. Matt makes training challenging, but it is varied and also fun. Because Matt comes to you there are no gym membership fees or gym poser’s which, put you off going. Matt is very easy to get on with, so puts you at ease straight away. My only regret is not doing it all sooner!"

Keith Walker

"I contacted Matt after deciding I wanted to run a half marathon (13.1 miles) and generally improve my health and fitness. Like a lot of people, I'd not done any proper exercise for a long while, but didn't really know where to start. After talking things through with Matt, we worked out a training plan which I could fit around work and other commitments."

"In a few months, I went from being able to run barely a mile, right up to running the 13.1 miles without stopping. Aside from the fact that I'd greatly improved my fitness (even the beer belly flattened out!), I also gained a massive sense of achievement. All it took was getting in touch with Matt, listening to what he said, and a bit of will power."

Mark Chapman

"I have been going to Matt's class for 2 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. What is great about the class is that it is different every week. Matt is very aware of the varying abilities and tailors the class so that each individual is encouraged to achieve their best. Very much worth £4."

Lesley Hadfield

"Matt's class must be good because I haul myself out for 9am on a Saturday morning!!"

"It's friendly and welcoming and Matt keeps the exercises varied and interesting. He explains each exercise and why we're doing it, demonstrating and helping anyone who needs it."

"I hadn't done a class like this for a while but felt able to go at my own pace and now after approx 2 months feel stronger and fitter and look forward to Saturday mornings!!!"

"Matt is very knowledgeable and encouraging and makes it fun at the same time. The exercises are mostly floor based and very effective."

Pam Merrall

"At age 62 Matt took me under his wing. With his system of assessment, feedback, and next weeks programmes, he got me from running a couple of minutes and then walking, through the psychological barriers and within a month I was properly running up to two full miles and enjoying it.

He has an understanding of the individual and brings that into his training schedules that brings confidence and self belief with it. I heartily recommend Matt and his programmes to any runner despite their age, experience, gender, or ability."

Rod Macpherson

"Matt's weekly training plans, coaching, encouragement and tips, helped me train up from no running to running a half marathon. His adaptable planning was a great help and I doubt i'd have achieved it without it."

Mark Collings

"I started at Matt’s Dunton Bassett class in November last year having had my second child in August 2010. I could never have believed that in 12 weeks I would have been able to lose all of my baby weight and feel fitter and healthier than I have done for a long time doing one class a week."

"The classes are friendly, local and at great times if you have got kids. I leave my two with dad. I get fit and have an hour off from the kids too! Definitely a win win situation! I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to lose a bit of weight and feel fitter to come and join us."

Faye Winterton

"Having got to the wrong side of 40 and sitting at a computer all day, I realised that I needed to start putting changes into my lifestyle. Although I have always been sporty and still play netball, my aversion to going to the gym meant that I needed to find something that was challenging and fun but would keep me motivated enough to factor into my life and keep me coming back for more. I was impressed with Matt from our initial consultation."

He was thoroughly professional but also very approachable and listened carefully to my exercise history and took on board the things that I did and didn't like to do. Having a private session with Matt rather than going to the gym means that Matt turns up at the allotted time and you have to get off the sofa and go and do it. There is no chance of making any excuses to skip it."

Four months later, I still love my weekly sessions with Matt. Each time is different. I have discovered the joys of boxing – a combination of physical hard work and amazing stress release!! Matt clearly knows his stuff. He is great fun to work with and makes sure what he wants you to do is clear and easy to follow and he is motivational without ever shouting or being scary."

He sets realistic and achievable goals and I enjoy working with him each week. I can feel a real difference in myself. My fitness levels and stamina have definitely improved and I am looking forward to the new netball season starting - not something I normally say! I can't recommend him highly enough."

Gemma Braga